Bulletproof Radio 2 Part Interview with Dr. Dan Brown

Part 1: How Early Childhood Attachment Sets Your Relationship Patterns as an Adult (Episode 718)

In this 40 minute interview with Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Daniel P. Brown will share his knowledge about attachment theory, childhood trauma, Buddhist meditation and hypnosis.

Part 2: How Your Attachment Type Defines Your Sense of Self (Episode 719)

Dr. Dan Brown is back to discuss the essentials of attachment and ways to identify your sense of self. You’ll learn about The Attachment Project, two types of relationship dysfunction, three versions of insecure attachment, four types of attachment, and five great functions of attachment. As a special bonus, Dr. Brown will take you through a guided self-visualization during the show.


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Part 1 (Episode 718)

Part 2 (Episode 719)

Useful Links:

YouTubeThe Attachment Project 
BookAttachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair 
BookSelf-Arising Three-fold Embodiment of Enlightenment [of Bon Great Completion Meditation]
DocumentaryThe Real Manchurian Candidate

Episode #718 Interview Time Stamps:

  • What are the two relational maps of attachment? 2:30
  • Would you know if you had an attachment problem? 6:32
  • Why did Daniel go down the path of Buddhism? 9:01
  • Can you think of a possible scenario where you don’t have any negative states?  11:43
  • What is the “Self-Arising Three-fold Embodiment of Enlightenment”? 13:31
  • What are Pith instructions? 16:23
  • What is going on with PTSD from a neurocircuitry point of view? 18:46
  • What’s the role of birth and experiences in the womb with PTSD? 20:33
  • What’s the first step to saying, “I think I’d like to fix the broken stuff.” Who would you go see? How would you? 21:50
  • What are the Three phases of P-O-T-T, phase-oriented trauma treatment? 21:58
  • Is there someone who can’t be fixed because of their trauma? Do people just get so broken that there’s no hope? 29:00
  • You spent 150 hours with Sirhan Sirhan, who was charged with assassinating Robert F. Kennedy? 29:44
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