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Our team authored one of the world’s leading books on Treating Attachment Disturbances in Adults combined they lecture at Harvard Medical School and leading European universities. They’ve taught over 10,000 students combined and an average experience of 30 years in practice.

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Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

Train to shift your perspective

The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), is a semi-structured one-to-one interview designed to assess the individual’s state of mind with respect to attachment. During the interview, the client is asked to elaborate on their family background, family history, and early childhood relationship with caregivers. The client would also share whether they experienced (and how they coped with) emotional distress, separation from the caregivers, rejection, abuse, or loss in their childhood.

The AAI is designed to stir up memories, thoughts, and feelings about attachment issues. The therapist observes how that affects the client’s organization of mind and is able to determine the individual’s state of mind with respect to attachment.

This type of assessment typically takes between 60 and 120 minutes to administer and should be done by a clinician who is trained in conducting and scoring the AAI. The AAI is considered the gold standard in the field and a more reliable and accurate measure of inner attachment dynamics than are self-report attachment tests.

Core Conflictual Relational Themes

Build better & stronger relationships

Core Conflict Relational Themes (CCRT) develop later in childhood – between the third and fourth years of life. At that age, children establish sets of beliefs, wishes, needs, fantasies, and defenses about themselves, others, and relationships.

Core conflict relational theme maps describe the problematic patterns that are repeated across a person’s close relationships.  They include the hopes and wishes at the beginning of relationships, and ways that these are usually disappointed.

What is the difference between attachment maps and CCRT maps?

The difference is that people who have attachment disturbances have troubles with relationships, and people with CCRT disturbances form relationships but have troubles within these relationships.


Learn to handle overwhelming feelings

There are many types of limiting beliefs that we could possibly have. The most important beliefs are called core beliefs – beliefs about the self, what’s possible for the self, and what limits our sense of self and our experiences in life.

All people have some maladaptive limiting beliefs in some areas of their lives. These beliefs, however, usually operate in the background of awareness, so we are not consciously aware of how they affect us.

In order to work on changing their maladaptive and limiting core beliefs, one first has to identify and understand them. The most efficient and effective way of assessing core beliefs is with the Young Schema Questionnaire (232 questions divided into 18 schema domains) by Jeffrey Young.

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Basic Report:

  • Self Assessment of the 5 Conditions of Secure Attachment

  • Self Assessment Quiz on Your Attachment Style


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Relational Assessment Package

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This resource is very time intensive and has limited availability due to the time restrictions of the Faculty. This offer is limited to 15 spots.

Full Report:

  • Complete Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) & Reflective Functioning Scale

  • Core Conflictual Relational Themes (CCRT)

  • Schema Assessment

  • Synthesis of all reports consolidated

Package Includes:

  • 1-2 Hour Interview with a Clinician Trained in the AAI

  • Transcription of your interview

  • Complete AAI Scoring manually by a trained scorer (up to 4 hrs)

  • CCRT Assessment with Complete Personalized Treatment Tape (up to 3hrs)

  • One-on-One Consultation with a faculty member or expert to bring it all together (2-3 hrs)

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Get to Know the Which Attachment Styles You Really Are?

Anxious (Preoccupied)

Learn what it’s like to have anxious (preoccupied) attachment

Dismissing (Avoidant)

Understand dismissing (avoidant) attachment in relationships


Learn the causes and symptoms of disorganized attachment

Secure Attachment

Understand what secure attachment looks like