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What is attachment?

Attachment is an emotional bond that forms in early childhood when we are 10 to 20 months old based on our parents’ behavior. Unconscious patterns become set in place by the time we are two years old. Our attachment style is at the core of how we form adult relationships whether they are romantic or friendships. 

What is an attachment disturbance?

An attachment disturbance is a dysfunctional relationship pattern that we repeat as adults. These patterns are a consequence of conditioning during early childhood from our parents or caregivers.

Why are we focused on treating attachment?


Attachment disturbances are a global issue

Over 32% of US adults suffer from an attachment disturbance with similar rates reported across other western countries.

Attachment disturbances are one of the biggest challenges faced in psychotherapy today. There are extraordinarily high rates of attachment issues in countries facing past instabilities such as war or economic deprivation.


Finding effective attachment therapy isn’t easy and we are changing that

Get access to the world’s top attachment specialists.

We offer online courses from some of the world’s top clinical psychologists to help you on your journey to healing the past. Understand how early childhood development impacts your behavior in adult relationships and get the best tools to start the healing process.


Let’s end the pain and suffering caused by attachment disorders

When we heal our own pain, we can heal the next generation after us. Pain from an attachment disorder is passed on through the family line until someone is ready to heal it.

Issues are intergenerational, and can often be shared across several generations of families.

How an attachment disorder can manifest in relationships


How does attachment impact our daily lives?

Our attachment styles shape the way we approach, communicate in, and effect our relationships. It might even predict the quality and duration of those relationships. The influence of attachment styles, however, spreads beyond that. It impacts the way we perceive ourselves, the way we cope with stress, the way we interact in various social contexts (even at work), and most importantly, the way we feel about ourselves.

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Do you struggle to maintain longterm healthy relationships?

Why are some people able to effortlessly form happy, longterm relationships, while others seem to be unable to have secure partnerships?

Attachment disorders make it difficult for many people to have secure, intimate relationships. We offer an effective path for healing.


Are you anxious in relationships?

Signs that you may be anxious:

  • Are you constantly thinking about how to make your partner happy?
  • Do you overthink your partner’s words or actions until you spiral out of control?
  • Do you find it hard to trust your partner?
  • Do you cling to your relationship for happiness and purpose?

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Are you avoidant in relationships?

Indicators that you may be avoidant:

  • Are you looking for issues or flaws in your partner?
  • Do you always look for things that could go wrong in the relationship?
  • Do you pull away when your partner tries to get closer to you
  • Do you have a hard time being vulnerable with your partner?

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