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casual sex and attachment styles article

From Casual Sex to Romance: How Your Attachment Style Influences Your Sex Life

Attachment styles play a role in the way we approach and experience sex.

Attachment in the workplace

Attachment in the Workplace: How Does Your Attachment Style Affect You at Work?

Attachment styles can affect the way we perform in the workplace - mainly because our work environments include social dynamics.

Off the Couch Conclusion - Woman Taking Notes

Off The Couch #12 Conclusion

The conclusion to our "Off the Couch" clinical interview series showcases a testimonial about Dr. Daniel P. Brown by Dr. Caroline Baltzer.

Trauma Bonding Maps - Main Blog Post Image

Off The Couch #11 Trauma Bonding Maps

This clinical interview discusses trauma bonding maps and covers topics like Stockholm syndrome, domestic violence, toxic parenting, family incest, terrorism and cult behavior.

Off The Couch #10 Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Did you know that 70% of bipolar cases are caused by interpersonal stress? This interview covers bipolar diagnosis, treatment, psychological factors that cause bipolar disorders, and new types of treatment for clinical psychologists.

Off The Couch #9 Psychological Assessments

Why are psychological assessments so important for a private practice? Dan discusses outcomes research, psychological evaluation and various assessments...

Factitious Disorder

Off The Couch #8 Dissociative & Factitious Disorder

Why do people simulate medical conditions? Clinical psychologists discuss factitious disorder.

Off The Couch #7 Conversion Disorder Treatment

What are conversion disorders and how can we treat them? Dr. Daniel Brown talks about the use of hypnosis for conversion disorder treatment.

Off The Couch #6 Teaching Psychology

How did Dr. Brown learn his methods for teaching? What makes a great psychology teacher? Learn where Dan got his education in teaching and who mentored him.

Off The Couch #5 Approach for Healing Attachment

Dr. Brown talks about his experience with healing attachment disturbances. He became certified in the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).

CCRT - Core Conflictual Relationship Themes - Image of Couple

Off The Couch #4 CCRT (Core Conflictual Relationship Themes)

Dr. Daniel P. Brown discusses treatment and assessment of CCRT (Core Conflictual Relationship Themes).

attachment disturbances - image of couple hugging

Off The Couch #3 Attachment Disturbances

How did Dr. Daniel Brown get involved in treating attachment disturbances? It all started with couples therapy.

Overview of Treating Trauma - Off the couch

Off The Couch #2 - Treating Trauma

In episode two of our clinical interview series, Dr. Daniel P. Brown gives an overview of treating trauma.

Bulletproof Radio 2 Part Interview with Dr. Dan Brown

Dr. Daniel P. Brown will share his knowledge about attachment theory and childhood trauma to Buddhist meditation and hypnosis.

Secure Attachment - Two Happy Women on the Beach Hugging

Secure Attachment: The 5 Conditions Necessary for Raising a Secure Child

People who have developed this type of attachment are self-content, easy to connect with and are able to express their feelings.

Attachment Styles - Happy Couple Outdoors

Attachment Styles & Their Role in Relationships

Research has identified four main attachment styles: anxious / preoccupied, dismissive / avoidant, disorganized and secure.

Avoidant Attachment - Attachment Styles

Avoidant Attachment Style: Causes & Symptoms

Parents who are strict, emotionally unavailable and expect their child to be independent usually raise a child with avoidant attachment.

Disorganized Attachment Causes & Symptoms - Photo of Rebellious Teenagers

Disorganized Attachment: Causes & Symptoms

In adulthood, people with this attachment style are extremely inconsistent in their behavior and have a hard time trusting others.

Daniel P. Brown PhD - Attachment Project Faculty - Off the couch

Off The Couch #1 Introduction

In our first episode of the series "Off the Couch", we find out how Dan came to be the psychologist that he is today.

Anxious Attachment - Attachment Styles

Anxious Attachment: Causes & Symptoms

Low self-esteem, strong fear of rejection or abandonment, and clinginess in relationships are common signs of this attachment style.

Attachment Project - Negative Feelings - Blog Post

5 Practical Tips to Deal With Anger & Negative Feelings

We will discuss a few aspects of emotional growth, based on the work of Harvard Medical School’s Associate Professor Dr. Daniel P. Brown.

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