Healthy Boundaries and
Energy Management

In less than an hour, Ditte Marcher will teach you a selection of powerful bodily exercises that will help you set boundaries in relationships and manage your energy better.

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Healthy Boundaries and
Energy Management

In less than an hour, Ditte Marcher will teach you a selection of powerful bodily exercises that will help you set boundaries in relationships and manage your energy better.

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Who is this course for?

Do you have difficulties with standing up for yourself, separating yourself from others, and maintaining a strong sense of self?

It could be that you’re falling short of managing your limits and boundaries in relationships.

What will you learn?

Gain a deeper understanding of the difference between energy management and boundaries in relationships.


Learn how to separate the two and uncover any deficiencies you might have in each of the two areas. 

Use experiential exercises to resolve these issues and better balance your emotions and your sense of self in social contexts. 

About the Course


Boundaries vs. Energy Management

Boundariesthe “Stop” sign is the ability to separate from others so that you can sense your individuality and dignity, and from there, create good contact.

Energy Management – the “Time Out” signis the ability to sense and regulate your emotions once you’re in contact with someone. 

But why is it important to differentiate between the two?


Paying Attention to Your Limits

If you ever feel overwhelmed or invaded in relationships, you might assume that the other person is overstepping your boundaries. Consequently, you push them away or withdraw. 

Oftentimes, however, the problem is not in the other person. It’s that you’ve just had too much, you can no longer contain your emotions, and you need a time-out. 


Holding Your Space & Emotions

Discover the different layers of boundaries that develop throughout childhood and learn how to spot and resolve any issues that have arisen during that period. 

Gain practical insight into the functions of energy management and boundaries in relationships and the role of the body in the process of healing and regaining your balance. 

Course Modules Overview

Module 1 Course Introduction

Explore the meaning of and the difference between boundaries and energy management.

Module includes:

2 Lectures

Module 2 Boundaries

Powerful mind-body exercises on boundaries in relationships.

Module includes:

1 Lecture

6 Exercises

Module 3 Energy Management

A selection of mind-body exercises to help you with your energy management and limits.

Module includes:

1 Lecture

7 Exercises

Module 4 Conclusion

Conclusion & summary.

Module includes:

1 Lecture

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Ready to Step into Your Power?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between energy management and boundaries in relationships
  • Learn to recognize when you need a time-out from your contact with someone
  • Develop the skill to contain your emotions within your body without suppressing them or becoming overwhelmed
  • Cultivate greater resilience to stress
  • Get in touch with your individuality and your personal space
  • Learn how to manage impulsive reactions during stressful situations
  • Master the ability to regulate your emotions
  • Reflect on your sensuality and learn to tolerate it and contain it in yourself


Course Instructor

Ditte Marcher

CEO & Senior Instructor at Bodynamic International

Born in 1959, Ditte Marcher is the daughter of the founder of Bodynamic, Lisbeth Marcher. She has been a member of Bodynamic since 1994. After completing the full analytic training in 1995, she chose to be trained as a teacher in Bodynamic.

Ditte Marcher is a therapist and one of the creators of Bodynamic’s shock approach. She deeply influenced Bodynamic with the concepts of Dignity, Me and the different layers of feelings.

Why Bodynamic?


Bringing awareness to your body

Based on multiple interrelated models – of psychological and physical health – the Bodynamic System is traditionally applied to body-psychotherapy. Its use and benefits, however, reach far beyond that.

The unique approach of Bodynamic helps you develop awareness – towards your bodily sensations, emotions, and the relationship between the two.

This kind of awareness is important for moving beyond insecure attachment, cultivating a strong sense of self, and learning to form healthy and balanced relationships.

Course Overview

In just one hour, you will learn experiential bodily exercises by a renowned therapist to change behavioral patterns around setting boundaries in relationships and energy management.

Access a groundbreaking approach to attachment issues that focuses on the root of the problem.

  • Course Duration: 50 minutes
  • Lectures: 18
  • Guided Experiential Exercises: 13 [6 on Boundaries and 7 on Energy Management]
  • Format: Pre-Recorded Video Lessons
  • Course Leader: Ditte Marcher, Board Member & Senior Instructor at Bodynamic International
  • Language: English
  • Suitable for: Everyone interested in self-development and personal growth.

Choose a course to expand your knowledge

Bodynamic Course II: Boundaries & Energy Management

Faculty: Ditte Marcher

Course Includes:

  • 18 Guided Video Lessons

  • 13 Experiential Exercises

  • 50 Minutes of Course Material

$57 ($97)

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Faculty: Ditte Marcher & Jampa Stewart

Bundle Includes:

  • 240 Minutes of Video Content

  • 53 Guided Video Lessons

  • 29 Experiential Exercises

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