Anxious Attachment
Style Workbook

Anxious Attachment
Style Workbook

Ready to take the first step to secure attachment? 

Everyone’s journey to secure attachment is unique, and that’s why we created our Anxious Attachment Digital Workbook and Ultimate Workbook. They help you understand your personal experience of the anxious attachment style in the following ways:

  • Discover how your anxious attachment style impacts your relationships, work, parenting, and other areas of your life, and how to make positive changes by targeting dysfunctional patterns.
  • Access practical, in-depth exercises that reveal your personal attachment patterns, challenges, strengths, and support system.
  • Gain an understanding of the superpowers/strengths only anxious attachers, like you, possess – and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Realize how your brain responds and adapts to how your early needs were met, removing shame and blame from your self-perceptions in the attachment neuroscience section.
  • Find out about the leading forms of therapy and some alternative approaches to healing, if you feel that’s the right step for you.
  • Learn about the other attachment styles in depth – secure, avoidant, and disorganized – to help you and your partner create a stronger, more secure bond (Ultimate Workbook only)

All of this will help you – the authority on what your needs are – pave a path to a more secure attachment style.

Look inside our Anxious Attachment Digital Workbook

Anxious Attachment Style Workbook

Your Anxious Attachment Digital Workbook includes:

  • 213 pages, including 26 pages of practical exercises
  • How anxious attachment affects you in over 10 different areas of life
  • 8 case studies on anxious attachment
  • Groundbreaking and up-to-date research on anxious attachment
  • Section recaps and areas for reflection

Ultimate Workbook

Your Ultimate Digital Workbook includes everything in the Anxious Attachment Style Workbook plus:

  • 446 pages, including 114 pages of practical exercises
  • Guides to the secure, avoidant, and disorganized attachment styles
  • Descriptions of how these attachment styles develop in childhood
  • Explanations as to how all four attachment styles interact with one another

Customer Reviews

rating rating rating rating rating

“This workbook had all the answers! I wanted to know more about my attachment style and how it may affect my relationships. It wasn’t until I started trying the exercises that I realized how much of an impact it actually has! The info about the strengths of my attachment style was really helpful to read, as I feel like I can get bogged down in the “something’s wrong with me” thoughts sometimes.

Overall, it provided a really detailed summary of the anxious attachment style and how it plays out in your life. The guidance on potential next steps was super helpful and something I’ll be thinking a lot about, for sure!”

Emma L.

rating rating rating rating rating

“I did the test, and got a pretty accurate analysis, so thought I’d give the anxious workbook a try. It really has helped me a lot with understanding my behavior and why I act in certain ways in my relationships. More importantly, though, it has taught me some practical ways to change it!”

Nima M.

rating rating rating rating rating

“Wow! My behavior makes so much more sense now. I’ve always been a people-pleaser, afraid that people would leave me if I wasn’t. But now that I understand why I’ve done this and how it affects my behavior, I can notice when it’s happening and put a stop to it. It’s going to be tough, but I’m ready to make some meaningful changes.”

Shauna C.

rating rating rating rating rating

“I strongly recommend this workbook to anyone with an avoidant attachment style. The exercises were really helpful and helped me better understand my attachment style as well as how to deal with it. 

I’m so glad I came across The Attachment Project and its resources. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their relationships by working on their attachment style.”

Alessandro C.

Live a more secure and healthy life

Dedicating yourself to this workbook means making a commitment to your well-being and happiness, by:

  • Paying attention to and valuing your own needs
  • Feeling confident in your skin and not engaging in negative self-talk
  • Experiencing less stress and anxiety in social contexts
  • Knowing what to look for in a partner
  • No longer sacrificing for everyone else at your own expense
  • Not needing external validation to feel good about yourself
  • Better regulating your emotions and soothing yourself when distressed
  • Spotting red flags in potential dating and sexual partners
  • Enjoying better sexual experiences
  • Connecting and setting boundaries with partners with different attachment styles to build stronger, healthier bonds (Ultimate Workbook only)

Our dedicated Anxious Attachment Style Workbook or Ultimate Workbook on all four attachment styles help you to find the answers you need.

Who Is The Attachment Project?

“The Attachment Project is dedicated to educating and enabling one to work through their attachment style and overall psychological health.”

– Paula Sacks, Attachment Specialist and Author

The Attachment Project’s mission is to be at the forefront of attachment theory. We are committed to providing our community with the leading approaches to attachment theory and pioneering and investing in advancements in the field. Here are some of the things we’ve achieved:

  • Raised over $700,000 (USD) for cultural preservation projects in Nepal.
  • Helped over 1 million people discover their attachment style and start their healing journey using our online Attachment Quiz.
  • Shared free content (and continue to) on our blog and Instagram to spread the awareness of attachment theory and provide no-cost support and information to anyone who needs it.
  • A range of online tools to support insecure attachers on their healing journey.


Why this workbook? Why not go straight to therapy?

We designed this workbook to give you the necessary knowledge and self-understanding you need before deciding which type of therapy, or alternative healing option, works best for you. Seeking professional help whilst already having done this type of self-work means you’ll be able to match better what type of therapy – and what type of person – suits you and your needs. Many therapies start with a lot of learning and self-work, so if you can do this work beforehand, you’ll get the most out of your therapy sessions by accessing deeper understanding sooner.

Why should I choose this workbook over other books on attachment?

The Attachment Project workbooks are different from others on the market as they are designed with the user perspective in mind. Meaning that our goal is to help you both understand and process your attachment issues by providing information on how your attachment style developed and affects your current relationships, as well as exercises on how to internalize this information. We also dedicate ourselves to the field of attachment through ever-expanding research and disseminating new information to our audience. So you’re in the hands of people who truly care about your health. 

What format does this workbook come in?

At this time, all of our workbooks are in digital PDF form. This is due to the regularity with which we update our workbooks with the latest research and information, as well as access to extra worksheets. 

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