Personalized & Group Intensives

We bring together a world leading faculty to help you get a path forward to earning secure attachment.

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Personalized & Group Intensive Retreats

Providing you the safe container to earn security in Relationships

The Process to Change

We are currently offering 1 to 1 attachment healing intensives in Austin, Texas. These intensives allow you to engage in very deep work, enabling you to move from insecure attachment patterns towards earned secure attachment.

We are also launching an online group program that will take you on a journey towards earning secure attachment for over 3 months. Along with the experiential healing that will occur during the group sessions, you will also receive five workbooks and two very comprehensive online video programs.

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Earned Secure Attachment

When developed Earned secure attachment looks like having:

  • A positive view of self and others
  • Finding it easy and comfortable to be emotionally close to others
  • Feeling comfortable depending on others and having others depend on you
  • Not worrying about being alone or having others not accept you; comfortable with distance from others
  • Believing that you are valuable and worthy as an individual and also that others are trustworthy and dependable
  • You will exhibit a balance of intimacy and independence. This is a hallmark of secure attachment.
  • Being able to describes difficult or unloving attachment experiences from early life in a coherent, reflective and balanced manner.

Turn The Light On Your Relational & Thought Patterns

Group Intensive


Group Outline:

  • 8-10 People Per Group

  • 3 Month Duration

  • Weekly Phone Sessions

  • 5 Workbooks

  • Online Courses

From US$2000

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One-On-One Intensive


This resource is very time intensive and has limited availability due to the time restrictions of the Faculty.

Package Includes:

  • Daily Sessions for 5 Days

  • 5 Workbooks & Multiple Online Courses

  • Online Intake Session

  • Integration Session

  • Austin, Texas or Tulum, Mexico

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