Time to Share

Time to Share

Welcome to The Attachment Diaries!

The Attachment Diaries is the chance for people from all over the world to share their personal, attachment-related experiences and stories.

This is an opportunity for you to have your story heard. Your life, your unique experience – it can make a difference. We’ll be collecting entries from all across the board of The Attachment Project community to compile a unique Attachment Diaries book. An intimate insight into the different perspectives and domains in which attachment issues can impact peoples’ lives.

Each chosen entry will be accompanied by psychological insights and tips. Allowing people to learn from the experiences of others.

These stories will give you and others the chance to see and understand how you’re not alone. We are a community, and we share hardships.

Join Our Community!

We wholeheartedly welcome everyone to join this space and contribute!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional writer. You also don’t need to have a specific attachment style or relationship status. As long as you’ve got something to share with us and our audience, give it a shot!

Thinking About Contributing?

Choosing to contribute might sound scary. But, in many cases, the more people open up about the difficulties they’ve been through, the greater the sense of relief they get afterwards. Besides, you have the option to do all of this completely anonymously!

What Are We Looking for?

We’re interested in personal entries that revolve around the topic that we’ve selected for a two-week period. You can access the current topic on Instagram and on our website, as well as in The Attachment Diaries Form.

The topics that we will include will mostly focus on experiences around:

  • Romantic Relationships & Dating
  • Childhood & Family Relationships
  • Work & Career Dynamics
  • Sexuality & Intimacy (LGBTQA+ inclusive)
  • The Superpowers of Your Attachment Style
  • … and more

Share what you’ve learned about how attachment can affect these areas.

We all have unique personal growth journeys. Often, we realize something in the aftermath of a difficult time and wish someone had told us about beforehand – so that we could have avoided heartache or distress. Unfortunately, that’s often not how it works.

Help change this cycle by sharing relatable, powerful, and maybe even life-changing accounts of your attachment experiences. You may even be able to prevent someone else from going through something similar.

How to Participate?

Check out the current topic of The Attachment Diaries: you can do so on our Instagram page or on The Attachment Diaries Form.

Decide whether you want us to publish your piece anonymously or you want to share your identity. If you want to remain anonymous, that’s totally fine! Just follow the instructions in the form.

Follow the writing guidelines below.

Writing Guidelines

Language: English

Entry length: 300 – 1000 words

Writing Style:

Easy to follow – think of it as though you’re chatting to a friend!


We strictly reject diary entries that contain any type of racist, sexist, stigmatizing, or in other ways insensitive and hurtful content.

We strictly reject entries that provide potentially harmful advice and recommendations.

We are truly grateful for your interest and contributions!

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