Emotion Regulation

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Attachment

In the years since the COVID-19 pandemic stormed into existence, it has claimed the lives of many of our loved ones, damaged economies, and changed how we navigate and relate to the world.   Even from an observational point of view, we can see how differently we all negotiated the regulations around the virus. Some of […]

emotional dysregulation in relationships

Insecure Attachment & Emotional Dysregulation in Relationships

Discover how emotional dysregulation relates to insecure attachment and how it might affect your romantic relationships.

Affect Regulation and Children Development

Learn why affect regulation is an essential part of children's emotional development and how it relates to attachment.

Valentine's Day Anxiety

Valentine's Day Anxiety: Don't Let Love Get You Down

This year, don't let expectations, comparisons, and self-doubt get you down. Follow these simple tips to prevent getting stressed out, worried, or lonely.

A girl experiencing different intense emotions.

Understanding & Coping with Intense Emotions - Introduction

Understand the basics behind where intense emotions come from, why we often feel controlled by them, and how we can learn to regulate and cope with them.

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