Attachment Theory

Off The Couch #5 Approach for Healing Attachment

Dr. Brown talks about his experience with healing attachment disturbances. He became certified in the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).

CCRT - Core Conflictual Relationship Themes - Image of Couple

Off The Couch #4 CCRT (Core Conflictual Relationship Themes)

Dr. Daniel P. Brown discusses treatment and assessment of CCRT (Core Conflictual Relationship Themes).

attachment disturbances - image of couple hugging

Off The Couch #3 Attachment Disturbances

How did Dr. Daniel Brown get involved in treating attachment disturbances? It all started with couples therapy.

Attachment Project - Negative Feelings - Blog Post

5 Practical Tips to Deal With Anger & Negative Feelings

We will discuss a few aspects of emotional growth, based on the work of Harvard Medical School’s Associate Professor Dr. Daniel P. Brown.

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