Early Childhood

Earned Secure Attachment: Transforming Your Insecure Attachment Style

An insecure attachment style isn't necessarily a life sentence. Find out how to achieve earned secure attachment.

The Love Hormone: Oxytocin and Attachment

Our levels of oxytocin (the love hormone) are linked to our attachment styles. Find out how!

Transgenerational Trauma: The Cycles of Insecure Attachment

Insecure attachment can be passed on through our genes. Discover how transgenerational trauma affects our relationships and self perceptions.

Adoption and Attachment: Forming a Secure Bond With Your Adopted Child

Adoption gives children a second chance. Find out how adoption impacts attachment and what adoptive caregivers can do to help their child forge a secure bond.

Affect Regulation and Child Development

Learn why affect regulation is an essential part of children's emotional development and how it relates to attachment.

Insecure Attachment Children

What is Insecure Attachment and How Does it Develop in Childhood?

Insecure attachment develops if a child feels that their needs are not met.

The Ultimate Guide to Early Maladaptive Schemas [Full List]

There are 18 Early Maladaptive Schemas that generally form as a result of repeated toxic experiences in childhood or adolescence.

sad little girl - fearful-avoidant attachment style

How Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style Develops in Childhood

The fearful avoidant attachment is thought to be the most difficult. Sadly, this attachment style is often seen in children that have experienced trauma or abuse.

anxious avoidant attachment in childhood

How Does Anxious Avoidant Attachment Develop in Children?

Anxious avoidant attachment typically develops in the first 18 months of life. During this formative period, a child’s caregiver may have been emotionally unavailable to them most of the time.

What Is Anxious Ambivalent Attachment and What Causes It?

Anxious ambivalent attachment typically develops in children whose caregiver may have acted nurturing and responsive one minute and unavailable or insensitive the next.

Secure Attachment Style - Mother holding baby

How a Secure Attachment Style Develops in Early Childhood

A secure attachment style forms through a special type of bond between children and their caregivers.

What is Schema Therapy

What Is Schema Therapy & How Does it Relate to Attachment?

The focus of Schema Therapy is on the treatment of chronic, pervasive, and long-standing dysfunctional behavioral patterns.

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